Sketchnotes ROUND TWO! This time I felt the process went more easily. I still need a LOT more practice, but am much happier with these than the ones I did on Saturday. Having a quality, LIVE talk to sketchnote is considerably more favorable. I'll post more about the event sometime this week, but wanted to get these and a few notes about, well, the notes, online before going to bed. So real quick:

  • I like the felt tip pen I used better than the last, but I know I have better.
  • I pay more attention while making sketchnotes, but I LOOK like I'm paying waaaay less attention.
  • There is no room for tweets and instagrams in the process of sketchnoting. This makes me feel like I get SO MUCH more out of a presentation, but lose touch with the group itself. Overall I consider that a big bonus.
  • Being social wears. me. out. Also, I generally feel awkward always. < I realize these aren't notes about the Sketchnotes, but it DOES explain why I'm going to bed. Now.

Ps. This was a phenomenal talk and I got SO MUCH out of it. I am going to need a minute to process it all, but will for sure be posting a real post about the actual content sometime soon.