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Too Legit

I just ordered my first ever business cards! Well, my first ever non-full-time job-related business cards (of which I have none at the moment). I ordered 100 mini cards from MOO. I've heard only great things about them and CAN'T WAIT to see them! Each has one of 5 different illustrations on the back and the front mostly mimics my website. I am already realizing things I've left off the design. Twitter for one. But I'm not too concerned about that. And since I only got 100, I can always re-work and re-order. I'm actually thinking of updating my logo and site a little in a bit. Keeping the bones the same.

MOO also offers postcards, sticker books and greeting cards. And right now they're having a 25% off sale on holiday cards! You know I'm brainstorming as I type this.

I am thinking it could be fun to do something involving this year's NaNoDrawMo sketches (posting about that soooon). Oh the possibilities!

Anywho, as you can tell I'm super excited about my MOO order and future ideas and orders. If you decide to place an order for yourself, please feel free to use my referral link and get your self and my self some discounts! Preesh.



Saddest Pumpkin

A friend had a little pumpkin stolen off his porch. My theory is that it was at the hands of an angry squirrel. Don't let their cuteness and furry tails fool you. Squirrels mean mischievous business. Just when the big pumpkin thought he had a new friend, WOOSH, squirrel comes in and steals him away. Sad situation right there.




Nibs and Instagroodles!

Between mentoring students in AIGA, joining a running club, work being super (and crazy awesomely) busy, and getting ready to move to a new apartment next week, I haven't gotten around to drawing or posting much. I've totally slacked on a side project and have wanted to be everywhere and anywhere but in my apartment. It's all boxes and cat hair. Last week I decided I needed a creative "pick me up" and treated myself to a couple new nibs, holder and ink. Haven't done anything specific with them, just been doodlin and instagrammin. It's pretty early in our relationship, but I think it's safe to say I'm in love with these nibs. Like I want to take them to dinner and draw on the tablecloths. Cuddle with them on the couch while I scribble sweet nothings in my sketchbook. I'm smitten.

Believe you me, once I'm moved into my new place and my new (BIGGER) office is all set up, I'll be posting like crazy. No bad chi or box mountains will stop the ink and paper love fest, my friends. Be ready.