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  • I had asparagus for dinner last night.
  • I'm über busy at work today.
  • I love ümlauts.
  • It's süper dark in the office because the weather is sad and miserable.
  • I wish I had a scanner at my desk and not my crappy iPhone.
  • I'm going to have asparagus for dinner AGAIN tonight. And I can't wait. 



Happy Day


Sometimes days are just really good ones. Like a Diana Ross song kind of day. Today's one of those.

ONE: went to lunch with a good friend I hadn't seen in a long time, which is ALWAYS a good time (and also why this lunchdoodle is late). She's one of those people who is genuinely cheerful, making it impossible to spend time with her and not leave in a good mood.

TWO: This friend also said it looks like I've lost a little weight (which I have! Not a lot, but a little bit, more than a few LB's. So I was pretty happy to hear her say that).

THREE: It's 70º outside. Seven-Ty Degrees. Outside. In January.

FOUR: I've gotten SO MUCH stuff done today. Just obliterating my to-dos. Feels fairly awesome.

FIVE AND THE COOLEST. Chris Guillebeau re-tweeted my sketchnotes from his event last night!!!! !!!!!! !!!!! I maybe squealed a little with excitement. So happy they were well-received.. by the author himself! I am too delighted. :-)

And the day isn't even over! I plan on making and eating an awesome dinner. Might go for a long walk. Might draw stuff. Or work on some side stuff. Or read some books and snuggle my cats. Or also clean, which isn't exciting. BUT maybe when I'm done cleaning, my living room will magically fill up with puppies! Lots and lots of puppies. 

Man. Puppies are the jam.



$100 Startup Sketchnotes

Sketchnotes ROUND TWO! This time I felt the process went more easily. I still need a LOT more practice, but am much happier with these than the ones I did on Saturday. Having a quality, LIVE talk to sketchnote is considerably more favorable. I'll post more about the event sometime this week, but wanted to get these and a few notes about, well, the notes, online before going to bed. So real quick:

  • I like the felt tip pen I used better than the last, but I know I have better.
  • I pay more attention while making sketchnotes, but I LOOK like I'm paying waaaay less attention.
  • There is no room for tweets and instagrams in the process of sketchnoting. This makes me feel like I get SO MUCH more out of a presentation, but lose touch with the group itself. Overall I consider that a big bonus.
  • Being social wears. me. out. Also, I generally feel awkward always. < I realize these aren't notes about the Sketchnotes, but it DOES explain why I'm going to bed. Now.

Ps. This was a phenomenal talk and I got SO MUCH out of it. I am going to need a minute to process it all, but will for sure be posting a real post about the actual content sometime soon.



Echidna + Doritos 4E


Today's lunchdoodle was requests by my friend Marc Sexton. His theme: echinda. And he even included a Ze Frank video which is definitely worth watching. They're an interesting animal. Cute? Creepy? Like a baby version of a mix between a raw chicken and this guy? The part in Ze Frank's video where he says that God created Doritos about 10 seconds after he created the baby echidna, which was about 54 seconds after God created marijuana lead me to think that baby echidnas would love Doritos. But none of that Cool Ranch garbage. Just the straight up nacho cheese variety. The baby echidna is nothing if not one to stick with a classic masterpiece. Damnit. Now I want Doritos. 

This is the second requested lunchdoodle I've done and it's a fun switch. If you'd like to make a request, go to and shoot me a 1-2 word theme. That's the important part. Just a word or two so I still have the creative leeway to come up with something fun.


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Sketchnotes Take One

I was recently (and awesomely) gifted the Sketchnotes Handbook and love it! I don't think I've wanted to go to conferences, watch videos, and TAKE NOTES as much as I do since finishing this book. The book itself, regardless of content, is a lovely experience. The paper quality and illustration style (even the copy-type is hand-drawn!) makes for such an enjoyable reading experience. Mike Rohde, the author, explained and motivated with ease. I ate up the book in about a week. While I still haven't watched the video, I plan to soon.

In finishing the book, I decided to try my hand at Sketchnoting yesterday. I started with a TED talk online: David Kelley: How to build your creative confidence. My verdict? Sketchnoting is HARD! Sketchnoting is NOT easy, but it is kind of fun. And I definitely paid more attention to the video. Some notes on the (my personal) process/take after the first round:

  • Find a better, less bleedy pen. Which is a shame because I love the feel of the felt tip.
  • Write down what is compelling TO ME. Not every single idea and story that is presented.
  • Start writing in lowercase and not all-caps.
  • Work on playing with type more.
  • Figure out how to illustrate AND listen simultaneously. It's a lot harder doing that when I'm illustrating something that pertains to the talk rather than my usual, unrelated doodles (strange how that is).

So. I'm not 100% satisfied with my first go round. I did cheat and rewound the video a couple times, but I think I'll get better the more I do it. Practice, practice, practice!

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What? What.


Walruses are goofy, cheerful and make funny sounds. Cats are only cheerful when they want to be, and not often. And are way too dignified to be goofy. Plus, the only funny sounds they make usually involve thrown-up kibble and hairballs. Walruses have the best senses of humor. Unless you're a cat. Then walruses are straight-up jerk faces. But so are cats. So I say, go Mr. Walrus!!



Scaredy Bunnies


MOAR BUNNIES. I love bunnies. Part of the reason I started doing lunchdoodles again was to improve my color/watercolor skills along with sharpening my drawing/doodle/idea-creating skills so I thought it would be fun to try a doodle that plays with light and dark. I need to get bolder and more experimental with colors, but overall I like this one. Plus, it was fun. Cause anything involving bunnies is probably going to be fun. Just sayin.

Also, I wouldn't mind investing in a small scanner for my desk. Working with iPhone photos isn't the greatest.



Drunken Bunnies


Go home bunnies, you are drunk!

On second thought... maybe you all can stick around. I would think bunnies are happy, giggly drunks. And fuzzy and chubby and cute. It would be pretty fun to happen around a trail in the woods and stumble upon a group of fluffy, silly, drunken bunnies. Don't you think?



I LOVE love.

Today's Lunchdoodle is brought to you by love. And hearts. And romantic music.


For as single as I always am, I probably shouldn't love Valentine's Day as much as I do. But I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It's my next favorite holiday, second to Halloween. It's free from family drama, expensive travel, and has super-cheesy potential. All the reds and pinks and hearts and puppies. I can't help but enjoy it. So what if Hallmark came up with it (is that even true?). I say, way to go Hallmark and thanks!

In the spirit of the holiday I generally make a Valentine's Day music mix. Usually of current and old favorites. This year I'm totally bucking the system and going with old school tunes. Jazz and motown ditties that make me smile. No wonder old folks stay married for so long, their music is so romantic!

If you aren't a hearts-day-hater, you can enjoy my mix on Rdio. I'll be adding to it gradually throughout the "season."



Lunchdoodles are BACK!

My daily Lunchdoodle drawings are back and better than ever. What is a lunchdoodle you might ask? I've loosely described it to myself as a semi-quick doodle or drawing done during or around my lunch break. Not a full illustration, but a little bit more than a traditional quick doodle.. a lunch-sized portion of illustration. I'm hoping to improve my sketching skills, color skills, and watercolor skills.


You can find the Flickr feed to my Lunchdoodle "set" here, but I'll be posting them on this here blog as well.