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Dog as King


In celebration of Easter and in antsy anticipation of the extra guilt I'll be feeling for leaving the church this past year, I felt it would be nice to do some spiritual research. While I've officially renounced my beliefs in the J-man (that's *my* personal belief, and I'm not even beginning to think or assume that I'm right), I DO like the idea and believe that there is something out there larger than myself. Whatever name He/She/It goes by, I feel that there's a bigger energy at play. So I signed out a couple books from the library and am TRULY enjoying this book: God on Your Own : Finding A Spiritual Path Outside Religion.

The current chapter I'm on is delving into the history and concept of God as King and King as God in various religions throughout the ages. The problem is, I can't seem to read those lines without thinking "Dog as King" or "King as Dog." And let's be honest, dogs would make better deities than some I've read about, and a better kings too. 

SO a Dog King I drew. Complete with biscuit minions, a frisbee follower and a disgruntled cat. Because even with a dog for king, there's no sense in hoping for or expecting a totally peaceful nation. Meow.

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Aimes-tu ma jolie jupe jaune?


Sort of based on a phrase from last night's french lesson. Learning colors and clothing. Won't even go into full detail of the the rabbit trail that led to this. Consists of a college memory involving a homemade yellow banana lamp, barrels of monkeys, Rhonda Wall's 3D fine arts class, and me being too naive to know what the word phallic meant. And not realizing the definition for another 3 years. I'm still embarrassed about it.

So barrels of monkeys, yellow banana lamp, yellow skirt, Duolingo french lesson, today's lunchdoodle.

What a tangled web my mind weaves.



Too Soon


Are you ready to ramble? Good, cause that's what's about to happen.

Today's lunchdoodle is kind of an unrelated by-product of a convo I had with my sister last night. You see, when I first moved to Nashville six years ago, I didn't know anyone. Nobody. I had one friend who, as a coworker on a small team, was kind of a default thing. And she was out of town. And this was a time when I had confidence IN SPADES. I was brimming with it. So I went out to a stand up comedy show. By myself. And sat in the front row. By myself. At a table for 4, BY MYSELF. Which proved to be golden standup material.

The opening act pointed me out in front of the whole, packed, house and asked why I was alone. Wasn't I good enough to have a boyfriend? Or regular friends? What was I, a loser or something? I explained I had only been in town for two weeks and didn't know anyone. His response, in front of everyone:

You have serious balls. I couldn't even do that.

That's right. Balls. Testicles. Cojones. I had em. Not really cause I'm a girl, but you get the idea.

The problem is, somewhere along the way, I lost those "balls." My confidence has taken several hits and I've become far too comfortable with my inner homebody. From online dating, friends moving, a boy here or there, chasing cars I'll never catch, "saving money," whatever the reasons have been, I've essentially gradually self-neutered myself. And dammit. I WANT MY HYPOTHETICAL BALLS BACK.

So that's what I'm setting out to do. Hopefully I'll meet some new people, make some new stories, or at least try some new things. And possibly create some more totally unrelated but by a thread-themed-lunchdoodles.


The drawing above has completely filled my lunchdoodle notebook!! Tomorrow I buy a new one. A new sketchbook. New lunchdoodles. New stories. And (re)New(ed) confidence(s).





I'm really not sure where this idea came from. ::Shrugs:: Vegetables at a slumber party playing "light as a feather," eating junk food, creepin each other out. I dunno. I can't explain what goes on in my brain sometimes.

It's Friday!  I can't focus on anything at all for no reason at all. It's gross outside and is going to be gross this whole weekend. Rainy, chilly and gloomy. I'm dog sitting for a friend which means I'll get to enjoy some QT with a large dog, but also means I'll be driving all over creation back and forth from my apt. to his. I'm equal parts excited and exhausted thinking about it. But hey, it IS the weekend, chores aside. And gosh darn it, I'm going to enjoy every rainy, dog-filled moment of it.



Des Poissons


I've been a little absent on the Lunchdoodle front. My apologies. I've been spending my lunchtimes either going out or reading. Sorry excuses, I know. Good news is, I only have one and a half pages left of my lunchdoodle book! Which means it's time to buy a new one. Thinking I might splurge on a watercolor Moleskine. We'll see.

In other news, I'm re-learning French on Duolingo. I studied all through high school and for a few years in college. Even made it my minor before my design class schedule suffocated all chances of taking anything else but design classes. It's been fairly easy getting back into it and my favorite are how random the practice phrases are. So many of them make zero sense, but I like that. 

A fun one I had last night was:

"Des poissons mangent du riz" or "Some fish are eating rice."

Couldn't help but draw it. I think these lessons will be providing quite a bit of lunchdoodle inspiration!



Fruits in Suits


I haven't lunchdoodled in a short while, but I've been doodling and drawing for sure! I just have to get to posting some stuff. This past week I decided to start working up some illustrations based on a doodle I made YEARS ago, about 2008ish or so. I started out just making them into characters in illustrator, as you can see below. I also had/have plans to work up some other fruit-themed doodles that are not in suits. 


Yet as I got going with the Fruits in Suits, I thought it was be way more fun to work them up in the style/theme of classic movies.. particularly spy movies. A genre I'm mostly unfamiliar with, but am having a grand time getting acquainted with.

I spent a few hours working this one up today and would be lying if I said it wasn't fairly challenging. But challenging in a good way! It's fun and certainly a learning experience. I also signed up for this class on Skillshare which should help me out. Sharpen mah skillzzzz. Mad skillz. 



Nashville Post Pt. 2


Remember that post a few weeks ago, with the illustrations I was working on for the Nashville Post's Leadership Issue? Well they're in print! And I'm way super excited! And they turned out so nice! They were supposed to run much smaller, but I am so delighted to see them full size. I'm hoping to get a few copies to keep for myself. Maybe one to send to my folks. It's so gratifying to work on illustrations for an article outlining the history of the company I work for. Feels a little full circle-ish. To be here long enough to be part of the history (6+ years!) and then get to actually DRAW pictures celebrating that history. Feeling excited, honored, and maybe a little verklempt. 



That's so Pigeon


I've been slacking a little this week on Lunchdoodling. Been reading at lunch instead. I'm behind on some books and have been spending all my evenings working on freelance, so I've needed a little lunchtime change of pace. But today I'm back. With two birds of.. well.. feathers. You can't deny pigeons and ravens have very different personalities. One is seemingly bubbly and excitable. The other brooding and dark. I bet they get on each other's nerves. Ruffle each other's feathers? They're buds. Sometimes. Maybe?



Sloth in a Bubble Bath


This past weekend was a pretty productive one. I got about halfway through a sizable freelance project, baked and cooked a bunch, ran errands, dominated some laundry. All from the comfort of my sweatpants. Sweatpants make even the busiest weekends feel lazy. Felt very sloth-like despite being productive. My favorite slothtime activity, when I really am being lazy, are bubble baths. Sloths really miss out living up in the trees. If they were doing it right, they'd live in much closer proximity to bathtubs. Bathtubs with LOTS of bubbles.