Clementines are my favorite and, IMO, the most adorable fruits. If clementines came to life, I bet they'd be the happiest, most in-love fruits ever. They'd probably hang out in their box being all cute like they do. Just adoring the peels off each other. Telling each other how cute they are.. until someone comes along and eats them. But until they become a snack, you can't deny they're totes adorbs. You can even buy a "Cuties" brand of Clementines. They have commercials with cute little kids eating cute little clementines. I rest my case.

I'm still trying to decide what I'm going to do for VDay, whether I'll be cooking myself a dinner or taking myself out. Valentine or not, I never miss an opportunity to celebrate the holiday. Loving friends, family, significant others and YOURSELF is important! Maybe I'll make myself a Clementine-y dessert. Hmmm.