"Drawing Words and Writing Pictures"    Exercise Week #2 

"Drawing Words and Writing Pictures"  Exercise Week #2 

I don't know where May to Now went, but let's just say this season's been a crazy one. One of high highs and low lows. I've been elected Nashville's AIGA Chapter president, completed two freelance illustration projects yet-to-be-posted, gone to Philly for a leadership conference, to San Francisco for the HOW Conference, have caught up with old friends, made tons of new friends, got a new car, and went on a 5 week sabbatical which included disconnecting from social networks (as in NO Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. Flickr and Goodreads were OK), a trip to Baltimore and DC, eating crab, a SPY museum, a week at a Create Comics workshop, a week in Montreal, POUTINE, a week at my friend's farm, catching a REAL HAWK on my arm, riding a horse, breaking my foot, time on a beach, archery, strategy games, more new friends and their subsequent stories of life and adventures, time well-spent with family, buying/reading/devouring/discovering comics and books, deep conversations, non-deep conversations, shitty French-speaking, drawing and more drawing, and SO MUCH DRIVING. And to top it all off I started August out of the gate with two cats going crazy with a serious flea infestation. Talk about a bad mom over here.

Anywho, I'm back on the internets, albeit keeping Facebook and Twitter at an arm's length. I haven't posted on here in a bit of a bit, but life is brewing under the hood. I'm working on updating this site, to push both actual illustration work and upcoming side comics/projects. I'll be back-posting work from two big freelance projects I finished prior to my sabbatical as well as posting new and exciting projects as they happen. And possibly post back-doodles and drawings from the Create Comics Workshop. 

I'll also be posting Lunchdoodles (they're coming back y'all!) and weekly exercises I've been working on with my Back Row Goblins friends (the group of fine people I met at CCS). We're staying in touch and holding each other accountable for practicing and honing our skills. 

2013 has almost half its life left and I'm gonna make more than the most of it.