I've been absent on the Lunchdoodle front lately. A lot absent. With a lot of reasons I suppose. Last week, this week, and I'm quite sure next week are leaving me with a motherload of emotions. Not little emotions either. Like a T-Rex is going to burst out of my stomach Alien-style emotions. I've spent an evening or two on my couch crying to my cats only to be smiling and laughing the next. I've run the gamut from Misery and Exhaustion (a lingering sinus infection that will. not. leave.), Fear (multiple trips to Vandy for expensive imaging, and another scary appt next week), Sadness (the death of my cousins' grandmother and the Boston marathon bombings), Delight and Giddiness (an upcoming date and the conversations that have surrounded it). It's been a bit of a whirlwind. Butterflies can't even begin to illustrate.

On top of all these feelings, I've got a calendar that is and has been packed with a TEDx conference, birthday dinner, a grill out with friends, happy hours, a concert tonight, AIGA meetings, and day to day work. Life is full right now. In all the best and worst ways. :)

And I'll be honest.. an Olympics (or two) have maybe gone by since I've been on a date with anyone. I might be more nervous and scared (but certainly more excited about) it than I am for next week's appointment. Seems Scary can come in good AND bad packaging. 

And if you've got a happy-thought or wish-for-luck to throw my way on both counts, I'd be most appreciative.