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Old Man Pacman


Tomorrow is October!! Holy shit. Part of me is beyond excited and part of me is freaking out because wasn't it just the beginning of August? Wasn't I fresh off my sabbatical and full of ideas and projects and fun things? I was. And then came planning an AIGA conference, and busy stuff at work, and more AIGA stuff, and freelance projects, and social things, and now. Now it's almost October. 

But October is MY MONTH. It's the best month. My birthday month. And while the ideas and plans I had lay dormant, they're not dead. There's some shuffle and life left in them yet. It's time to open the windows, let in the fall air, and spend some me-time on me-projects in my month. This means more lunchdoodles (maybe not daily just yet), and some animations, and some lil' comics, and doodles, and holiday cards. More of all the best things, the Halloween themed things, the creepy things, the cute things. 

I ain't afraid of no ghosts. 




But I'm a Fruit!


Has it really been a month since my last Lunchdoodle? Sad. So much has been going on though! Crap tons of AIGA stuff, getting ready to head to PA on Friday FOR A WHOLE WEEK, some illustrations I worked on went live this month which I'll be posting at some point, been meeting new people and working on the 'ol social skills (definitely liking some new people more than others), gave up on the Online Dating train(wreck), got to hang out with the awesomest of all 7 month old nephews in SC a couple weeks ago, working on side illos (to be posted), joined a CSA, started running with Lauren again, been cooking and reading and living and loving life. Oh yeah, and I don't have cancer. That was kind of a big deal.

In day to day news:

• In celebration of joining a CSA I bought a juicer. I'm a little obsessed.

• My life is so full of fruits and vegetables right now. It's fantastic. But I still managed to grow a zit on the corner of my mouth. WTF body. Thirty is not equal to 16. Not by a long shot.

• Ran a mile and a half this morning (which isn't near as far as I was running a few months ago, but hey, it's more running than I can do from my bed).

• Saw TWO dead armadillos on the side of the road this morning. In the same block as the one I saw a couple weeks ago. I find this both fascinating and creepy.

• Just realized today that the movie Freaks is free to watch on Amazon Prime. You now know what my evening plans entail.

• My cats didn't throw up this morning! Yay!

It's the little things. Always love the little things.





Feeling a bit like a lemon today. Trying to put on my rose colored glasses and make lemonade, but it all just tastes like powdered Country Time. Wednesday is a big day and it's looming over me like a dark cloud. And knowing that it's going to muck up the last half of the week just makes me antsier. It's only Monday and I want this week out of my life.

Also, <rant> online dating. </rant> 

But in an effort to rose-tint my day: It's beautiful outside. Crazy gorgeous. I walked to the new Subway (I've got a VIP card. NBD. Be jealous, y'all). My clients are all awesome right now. No one's complaining. My inbox is full of happy. And SPAM. But mostly happy. I have just a hint of sunburn from falling asleep in the grass with a good book yesterday. I have zero plans tonight or tomorrow so I plan on making myself extravagant dinners, taking long walks, drawing the crap out of some drawings. And maybe hop over to Crema later for a half-full (not empty) cup of something iced and caffeinated. 





I've been absent on the Lunchdoodle front lately. A lot absent. With a lot of reasons I suppose. Last week, this week, and I'm quite sure next week are leaving me with a motherload of emotions. Not little emotions either. Like a T-Rex is going to burst out of my stomach Alien-style emotions. I've spent an evening or two on my couch crying to my cats only to be smiling and laughing the next. I've run the gamut from Misery and Exhaustion (a lingering sinus infection that will. not. leave.), Fear (multiple trips to Vandy for expensive imaging, and another scary appt next week), Sadness (the death of my cousins' grandmother and the Boston marathon bombings), Delight and Giddiness (an upcoming date and the conversations that have surrounded it). It's been a bit of a whirlwind. Butterflies can't even begin to illustrate.

On top of all these feelings, I've got a calendar that is and has been packed with a TEDx conference, birthday dinner, a grill out with friends, happy hours, a concert tonight, AIGA meetings, and day to day work. Life is full right now. In all the best and worst ways. :)

And I'll be honest.. an Olympics (or two) have maybe gone by since I've been on a date with anyone. I might be more nervous and scared (but certainly more excited about) it than I am for next week's appointment. Seems Scary can come in good AND bad packaging. 

And if you've got a happy-thought or wish-for-luck to throw my way on both counts, I'd be most appreciative.


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Dog as King


In celebration of Easter and in antsy anticipation of the extra guilt I'll be feeling for leaving the church this past year, I felt it would be nice to do some spiritual research. While I've officially renounced my beliefs in the J-man (that's *my* personal belief, and I'm not even beginning to think or assume that I'm right), I DO like the idea and believe that there is something out there larger than myself. Whatever name He/She/It goes by, I feel that there's a bigger energy at play. So I signed out a couple books from the library and am TRULY enjoying this book: God on Your Own : Finding A Spiritual Path Outside Religion.

The current chapter I'm on is delving into the history and concept of God as King and King as God in various religions throughout the ages. The problem is, I can't seem to read those lines without thinking "Dog as King" or "King as Dog." And let's be honest, dogs would make better deities than some I've read about, and a better kings too. 

SO a Dog King I drew. Complete with biscuit minions, a frisbee follower and a disgruntled cat. Because even with a dog for king, there's no sense in hoping for or expecting a totally peaceful nation. Meow.

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Aimes-tu ma jolie jupe jaune?


Sort of based on a phrase from last night's french lesson. Learning colors and clothing. Won't even go into full detail of the the rabbit trail that led to this. Consists of a college memory involving a homemade yellow banana lamp, barrels of monkeys, Rhonda Wall's 3D fine arts class, and me being too naive to know what the word phallic meant. And not realizing the definition for another 3 years. I'm still embarrassed about it.

So barrels of monkeys, yellow banana lamp, yellow skirt, Duolingo french lesson, today's lunchdoodle.

What a tangled web my mind weaves.





I'm really not sure where this idea came from. ::Shrugs:: Vegetables at a slumber party playing "light as a feather," eating junk food, creepin each other out. I dunno. I can't explain what goes on in my brain sometimes.

It's Friday!  I can't focus on anything at all for no reason at all. It's gross outside and is going to be gross this whole weekend. Rainy, chilly and gloomy. I'm dog sitting for a friend which means I'll get to enjoy some QT with a large dog, but also means I'll be driving all over creation back and forth from my apt. to his. I'm equal parts excited and exhausted thinking about it. But hey, it IS the weekend, chores aside. And gosh darn it, I'm going to enjoy every rainy, dog-filled moment of it.



Des Poissons


I've been a little absent on the Lunchdoodle front. My apologies. I've been spending my lunchtimes either going out or reading. Sorry excuses, I know. Good news is, I only have one and a half pages left of my lunchdoodle book! Which means it's time to buy a new one. Thinking I might splurge on a watercolor Moleskine. We'll see.

In other news, I'm re-learning French on Duolingo. I studied all through high school and for a few years in college. Even made it my minor before my design class schedule suffocated all chances of taking anything else but design classes. It's been fairly easy getting back into it and my favorite are how random the practice phrases are. So many of them make zero sense, but I like that. 

A fun one I had last night was:

"Des poissons mangent du riz" or "Some fish are eating rice."

Couldn't help but draw it. I think these lessons will be providing quite a bit of lunchdoodle inspiration!



Sloth in a Bubble Bath


This past weekend was a pretty productive one. I got about halfway through a sizable freelance project, baked and cooked a bunch, ran errands, dominated some laundry. All from the comfort of my sweatpants. Sweatpants make even the busiest weekends feel lazy. Felt very sloth-like despite being productive. My favorite slothtime activity, when I really am being lazy, are bubble baths. Sloths really miss out living up in the trees. If they were doing it right, they'd live in much closer proximity to bathtubs. Bathtubs with LOTS of bubbles.



Best Buddies


Went to the zoo this past weekend for both general and lunchdoodle inspiration. And just for some general sunshine-filled-zoo-going funtimes. Cause who doesn't like the zoo?? Of course, EVERY animal I encountered was my favorite. Especially any and all large cats, monkeys.

And everyone knows the best spot to scratch a cat, especially a large cat, is the base of the tail. Monkey knows what's good. He'd rather be friends than lunch.



Buddha Brain


I've been reading this book, The Buddha Walks into a Bar, and just love it. This is the second Buddism book I'm working through and what I love the most is every time I have something I'm thinking too much about, struggling with, or if there's just too much clutter in my headspace.. I pick up where I left off and generally find some chapter or paragraph that puts everything into perspective.

Acknowledge the crazy thoughts, the turmoil, the pull and push, and then move on. It's refreshing. Anyway, that's where my mind is at today. Working on being mindful and letting my brain take a breather in Buddha's hands.

Also, I had a surprise root beer float at lunch today. It was lovely.



Hamster Hampster


I'll be honest, wasn't really feeling the doodling today. Drew a hamster on a hamster wheel. Didn't turn out how I wanted. I wanted him running, but it kind of looks like he's on his stomach. The background also ended up being super muddy. Wah wah. Can't wind every doodle every day. I may be going back to pen outlines and watercolor instead of all watercolors. We'll see.

Also, dunno the last time you checked out, but it's not what it used to be. Kind of disappointed in its overcomplication. 



Happy Presidents Day!


I'd trade a Snack Pack for Cheetohs. Especially to ol' Abe. Wouldn't you? Then again, I don't know how well Cheetohs would do with George's wooden teeth and all. It's a presidential lunchtime quandary.



Kitty and Rex


If you know me, you know I love cats and dinosaurs. But really, who doesn't love the two? They're inseparable in my book. And since I LOVE them both so much, why not make today's VDay-themed lunchdoodle a little homage to kitty and rex. BFFs forever!



I would lick your eyeball


In celebration of Valentine's Day week, I'll be posting VDay themed lunchdoodles. It's gonna be cheesy. Deal with it. If you're a Valentine's hater, it's cool, you just might want to wait til next week to check back in. :-)

Anywho, I was at PetSmart this weekend and was mesmerized by a wall of various lizards/geckos/salamanders, etc. They're so cute! The one kept licking its eyeball, which I found totally fascinating. If I were a gecko, and had a gecko boyfriend, I'd totally lick his eyeball for him. Out of true gecko love. ::slurp::



Shy Little Oreo

Today's lunchdoodle is animated! I haven't been able to get Vine app to work and today it was updated. So exciting! 

Also, I had Oreos. They were Double Stuf.



Dancing Cheetohs


Two Lunchdoodles today! I had a little extra space on two sheets of my lunchdoodle sketchbook. Perfect for some snack dancing. I wish I had time to paint a cheeseball dancing too. I'll bet you'll enjoy eating Cheetohs so much more now that you know how much they love to get down! I'll bet they like to crunch to some dubstep.. wub wub.



It's Take Your Avocado to Work Day

I've had a lonely avocado hanging out in my kitchen for awhile. And not being one to want to waste something so delicious, I brought the little guy into work. Can't have him turning my other vegetables bad too! 



Nashville: Bring me your Nerds


A friend of a friend of mine recently opened a store here in Nashville called The Nerdery, which I happened to check out last night on a quest for birthday presents. I have to say I'm pretty impressed, despite the fact that they don't carry Star Trek merch yet claim to cater to nerds. They DO have plenty of Star Wars stuff, Dr. Who stuff, some other nerd things I'm unfamiliar with, T-Shirts, a Twilight Zone bobblehead of the library episode character (which I plan to go back and purchase) and TONS of strategy games!

Being that I'm a fan of games like Scrabble, Spades, Monopoly Deal, Settlers of Catan and anything else that required thinking, a board, a deck of cards, dice, score-keeping.. this has me pretty happy. And even more exciting, they are hosting a Dominion demo on Saturday! A game I've been told by several people that I would love. A game that involves victory points! I definitely plan to attend.

ONE: Guaranteed people to play games with! and


I'm so excited to meet some new folks! This is much more my scene than bars and shows. I know nothing about music, but I do know a bit about nerdery. And while I have never played things like D&D or Magic the Gathering, I get along with PLENTY of people who do (and I would not be opposed to learning either game). According to my friend of the friend, I'll be "the most popular girl in the room." As long as I'm not the only girl, OR the only person under the age of 40 who lives independently and is in good health, I'll be excited. If any of them happen to be male, smart, and/or mildly attractive, this girl will be all smiles. All in all though, as "most popular" is NOT a superlative that I'm familiar with, I'll just be happy to learn a new game and meet some fun people.