Lately most of my lunchdoodles have been little comic thumbnails. I haven't posted them because I feel like my lunchdoodles should be more finished, or at least involve ink. Which is silly. Somehow along the way I raised my lunchdoodle standards. So I tuck my thumbnails away figuring I'll ink or flesh them out later, and THEN post them. Instead these thumbnail friends stay deep in the confines of my Moleskine. Much like an antisocial youth living out their life in their parents' basement, the light of day may be seen eventually, but it's a slim chance.

SO I'm going to start posting thumbnails too. Which might actually act as a catalyst to ink some of them up. 

Anyway. Got me a watermelon in my CSA box this week! I opened it up AND IT'S YELLOW ON THE INSIDE. My mind and tastebuds have been blown.