I haven't lunchdoodled in a short while, but I've been doodling and drawing for sure! I just have to get to posting some stuff. This past week I decided to start working up some illustrations based on a doodle I made YEARS ago, about 2008ish or so. I started out just making them into characters in illustrator, as you can see below. I also had/have plans to work up some other fruit-themed doodles that are not in suits. 


Yet as I got going with the Fruits in Suits, I thought it was be way more fun to work them up in the style/theme of classic movies.. particularly spy movies. A genre I'm mostly unfamiliar with, but am having a grand time getting acquainted with.

I spent a few hours working this one up today and would be lying if I said it wasn't fairly challenging. But challenging in a good way! It's fun and certainly a learning experience. I also signed up for this class on Skillshare which should help me out. Sharpen mah skillzzzz. Mad skillz.