So I don't have a lunchdoodle to post, BUT I started experimenting with coloring in Photoshop last night, which is something I don't often do. I'm also playing with how to bring in black and white line art. I've been reading through Dustin Harbin's process/how-to posts which are wonderfully helpful! His work is fantastic and I especially love his inking and coloring styles. Not to mention his humor. I've never set up work for print purposes, and have no immediate plans to do so, but feel like it could be a good skill to brush up on. This is a doodle I worked up a few weekends ago. It's based on the idea that people may push you to make decisions, be they in work, health, life, or relationships, at a faster pace than necessary. Sometimes it seems we live in a society of rabbits. While moving quickly can be the best route, other times it's ok to *not* want to be the rabbit. I like turtles.

Also, I signed up for a motion graphics course on Skillshare yesterday and signed up for an Adobe Cloud account to give After Effects a spin. Skillz on skillz on skillz yo.