Today's Lunchdoodle is brought to you by love. And hearts. And romantic music.


For as single as I always am, I probably shouldn't love Valentine's Day as much as I do. But I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It's my next favorite holiday, second to Halloween. It's free from family drama, expensive travel, and has super-cheesy potential. All the reds and pinks and hearts and puppies. I can't help but enjoy it. So what if Hallmark came up with it (is that even true?). I say, way to go Hallmark and thanks!

In the spirit of the holiday I generally make a Valentine's Day music mix. Usually of current and old favorites. This year I'm totally bucking the system and going with old school tunes. Jazz and motown ditties that make me smile. No wonder old folks stay married for so long, their music is so romantic!

If you aren't a hearts-day-hater, you can enjoy my mix on Rdio. I'll be adding to it gradually throughout the "season."