[three_fourth]As mentioned in an earlier post, my old Intuos3 finally bit the dust. It had been on its way out for awhile, but I finally had to bid it farewell last week. This has made working on a current illustration project phenomenally difficult. Coloring with a mouse no longer cuts it. THANKFULLY, I have great friends, who also have great friends. And an awesome friend of an awesome friend gave me his old Graphire tablet. It's a little bit older than my old Intuos3, so I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't like it or that it wouldn't be as sensitive as my last one, but even if that had been the case, at least I'd have a working tablet. It just came in the mail today and I am ecstatic to report that it works great! I don't notice any sensitivity difference all (although I'm sure there is, I just can't tell). I've been doodling around to test it out and my Photoshop brushes still respond to pressure. I can set the clicks on the side-button and it still has the "eraser" function like an actual pencil. As an added bonus, it's also a lot tinier than my last one, about half the size at least. I'm sure I'll still be getting a new one much sooner than later, BUT I plan to continue using this one. Even if (when) I get a new tablet, this one will be perfect for taking with me to coffeeshops and to and from work. And best best best of all, this means I can wrap up this tree illustration project this weekend without having to resort to using a mouse! Goodness all around!![/three_fourth]