Today's lunchdoodle is a bit of a sad one. My family dog, Bruce, AKA Poods, had to be put down today. He lived 15 years, double the average age for a dog his size. And his life was quite a great one as far as dog lives go. He had many years free to roam around woods and fields, special spaghetti and hamburger dinners, his own entourage of cats that doted upon and cuddled him regularly, and plenty of love and hugs from my teenage friends, then my little sisters' teenage friends, college friends, and from everyone in our family. Which is probably why he made it so long.

But losing a pet, even an old one, is never easy. I'm happy that Poods will be up in whatever heaven pets go to (which is probably way more awesome than the people version) with his buddy, the late Gomez the Cat. He's in a better place for sure, but if you could send happy thoughts to my mom, they'd be much appreciated.