I'll be posting a lunchdoodle later, but wanted to post a few of these now. This is a wallpaper illustration I started last year which I finally got around to finishing. And before Shark Week ends too! 

I've seen a handful of Shark Week haters on the internet, and that makes me sad. Sharks were around even before T-Rex! And they're still here! And very real! And if given the chance they'll rip your face off!

I dunno, maybe it's nostalgia for the days when my sister and I would scare ourselves silly at the beach, or the memory of our first visit to the Boston Aquarium, making a beeline for the shark tank only to stare at the giant creatures in awe and amazement. Maybe it's the fact that I still love dinosaurs. Or maybe it's my undying love and excitement for the movie JAWS. Maybe it's the fact that I don't like to hold back my inner 5 year old or that I like what I like even if it's not what the hip kids are into nowadays. Regardless. With cable or without, I'll always be a fan of Shark Week. An entire week devoted to sharks just can't be a bad thing in my book. 

I only posted two sizes (the sizes I created for both of my monitors) as well as two iPhone sizes. Comment below if you want a size not offered and I'll work it up and post! 

iPhone 5

iPhone 4

1440 x 900

2560 x 440