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Echidna + Doritos 4E


Today's lunchdoodle was requests by my friend Marc Sexton. His theme: echinda. And he even included a Ze Frank video which is definitely worth watching. They're an interesting animal. Cute? Creepy? Like a baby version of a mix between a raw chicken and this guy? The part in Ze Frank's video where he says that God created Doritos about 10 seconds after he created the baby echidna, which was about 54 seconds after God created marijuana lead me to think that baby echidnas would love Doritos. But none of that Cool Ranch garbage. Just the straight up nacho cheese variety. The baby echidna is nothing if not one to stick with a classic masterpiece. Damnit. Now I want Doritos. 

This is the second requested lunchdoodle I've done and it's a fun switch. If you'd like to make a request, go to and shoot me a 1-2 word theme. That's the important part. Just a word or two so I still have the creative leeway to come up with something fun.