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Nashville: Bring me your Nerds


A friend of a friend of mine recently opened a store here in Nashville called The Nerdery, which I happened to check out last night on a quest for birthday presents. I have to say I'm pretty impressed, despite the fact that they don't carry Star Trek merch yet claim to cater to nerds. They DO have plenty of Star Wars stuff, Dr. Who stuff, some other nerd things I'm unfamiliar with, T-Shirts, a Twilight Zone bobblehead of the library episode character (which I plan to go back and purchase) and TONS of strategy games!

Being that I'm a fan of games like Scrabble, Spades, Monopoly Deal, Settlers of Catan and anything else that required thinking, a board, a deck of cards, dice, score-keeping.. this has me pretty happy. And even more exciting, they are hosting a Dominion demo on Saturday! A game I've been told by several people that I would love. A game that involves victory points! I definitely plan to attend.

ONE: Guaranteed people to play games with! and


I'm so excited to meet some new folks! This is much more my scene than bars and shows. I know nothing about music, but I do know a bit about nerdery. And while I have never played things like D&D or Magic the Gathering, I get along with PLENTY of people who do (and I would not be opposed to learning either game). According to my friend of the friend, I'll be "the most popular girl in the room." As long as I'm not the only girl, OR the only person under the age of 40 who lives independently and is in good health, I'll be excited. If any of them happen to be male, smart, and/or mildly attractive, this girl will be all smiles. All in all though, as "most popular" is NOT a superlative that I'm familiar with, I'll just be happy to learn a new game and meet some fun people.