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Happy Day


Sometimes days are just really good ones. Like a Diana Ross song kind of day. Today's one of those.

ONE: went to lunch with a good friend I hadn't seen in a long time, which is ALWAYS a good time (and also why this lunchdoodle is late). She's one of those people who is genuinely cheerful, making it impossible to spend time with her and not leave in a good mood.

TWO: This friend also said it looks like I've lost a little weight (which I have! Not a lot, but a little bit, more than a few LB's. So I was pretty happy to hear her say that).

THREE: It's 70º outside. Seven-Ty Degrees. Outside. In January.

FOUR: I've gotten SO MUCH stuff done today. Just obliterating my to-dos. Feels fairly awesome.

FIVE AND THE COOLEST. Chris Guillebeau re-tweeted my sketchnotes from his event last night!!!! !!!!!! !!!!! I maybe squealed a little with excitement. So happy they were well-received.. by the author himself! I am too delighted. :-)

And the day isn't even over! I plan on making and eating an awesome dinner. Might go for a long walk. Might draw stuff. Or work on some side stuff. Or read some books and snuggle my cats. Or also clean, which isn't exciting. BUT maybe when I'm done cleaning, my living room will magically fill up with puppies! Lots and lots of puppies. 

Man. Puppies are the jam.