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Dog as King


In celebration of Easter and in antsy anticipation of the extra guilt I'll be feeling for leaving the church this past year, I felt it would be nice to do some spiritual research. While I've officially renounced my beliefs in the J-man (that's *my* personal belief, and I'm not even beginning to think or assume that I'm right), I DO like the idea and believe that there is something out there larger than myself. Whatever name He/She/It goes by, I feel that there's a bigger energy at play. So I signed out a couple books from the library and am TRULY enjoying this book: God on Your Own : Finding A Spiritual Path Outside Religion.

The current chapter I'm on is delving into the history and concept of God as King and King as God in various religions throughout the ages. The problem is, I can't seem to read those lines without thinking "Dog as King" or "King as Dog." And let's be honest, dogs would make better deities than some I've read about, and a better kings too. 

SO a Dog King I drew. Complete with biscuit minions, a frisbee follower and a disgruntled cat. Because even with a dog for king, there's no sense in hoping for or expecting a totally peaceful nation. Meow.

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