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Feeling a bit like a lemon today. Trying to put on my rose colored glasses and make lemonade, but it all just tastes like powdered Country Time. Wednesday is a big day and it's looming over me like a dark cloud. And knowing that it's going to muck up the last half of the week just makes me antsier. It's only Monday and I want this week out of my life.

Also, <rant> online dating. </rant> 

But in an effort to rose-tint my day: It's beautiful outside. Crazy gorgeous. I walked to the new Subway (I've got a VIP card. NBD. Be jealous, y'all). My clients are all awesome right now. No one's complaining. My inbox is full of happy. And SPAM. But mostly happy. I have just a hint of sunburn from falling asleep in the grass with a good book yesterday. I have zero plans tonight or tomorrow so I plan on making myself extravagant dinners, taking long walks, drawing the crap out of some drawings. And maybe hop over to Crema later for a half-full (not empty) cup of something iced and caffeinated.