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Old Man Pacman


Tomorrow is October!! Holy shit. Part of me is beyond excited and part of me is freaking out because wasn't it just the beginning of August? Wasn't I fresh off my sabbatical and full of ideas and projects and fun things? I was. And then came planning an AIGA conference, and busy stuff at work, and more AIGA stuff, and freelance projects, and social things, and now. Now it's almost October. 

But October is MY MONTH. It's the best month. My birthday month. And while the ideas and plans I had lay dormant, they're not dead. There's some shuffle and life left in them yet. It's time to open the windows, let in the fall air, and spend some me-time on me-projects in my month. This means more lunchdoodles (maybe not daily just yet), and some animations, and some lil' comics, and doodles, and holiday cards. More of all the best things, the Halloween themed things, the creepy things, the cute things. 

I ain't afraid of no ghosts.