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But I'm a Fruit!


Has it really been a month since my last Lunchdoodle? Sad. So much has been going on though! Crap tons of AIGA stuff, getting ready to head to PA on Friday FOR A WHOLE WEEK, some illustrations I worked on went live this month which I'll be posting at some point, been meeting new people and working on the 'ol social skills (definitely liking some new people more than others), gave up on the Online Dating train(wreck), got to hang out with the awesomest of all 7 month old nephews in SC a couple weeks ago, working on side illos (to be posted), joined a CSA, started running with Lauren again, been cooking and reading and living and loving life. Oh yeah, and I don't have cancer. That was kind of a big deal.

In day to day news:

• In celebration of joining a CSA I bought a juicer. I'm a little obsessed.

• My life is so full of fruits and vegetables right now. It's fantastic. But I still managed to grow a zit on the corner of my mouth. WTF body. Thirty is not equal to 16. Not by a long shot.

• Ran a mile and a half this morning (which isn't near as far as I was running a few months ago, but hey, it's more running than I can do from my bed).

• Saw TWO dead armadillos on the side of the road this morning. In the same block as the one I saw a couple weeks ago. I find this both fascinating and creepy.

• Just realized today that the movie Freaks is free to watch on Amazon Prime. You now know what my evening plans entail.

• My cats didn't throw up this morning! Yay!

It's the little things. Always love the little things.





I'm really not sure where this idea came from. ::Shrugs:: Vegetables at a slumber party playing "light as a feather," eating junk food, creepin each other out. I dunno. I can't explain what goes on in my brain sometimes.

It's Friday!  I can't focus on anything at all for no reason at all. It's gross outside and is going to be gross this whole weekend. Rainy, chilly and gloomy. I'm dog sitting for a friend which means I'll get to enjoy some QT with a large dog, but also means I'll be driving all over creation back and forth from my apt. to his. I'm equal parts excited and exhausted thinking about it. But hey, it IS the weekend, chores aside. And gosh darn it, I'm going to enjoy every rainy, dog-filled moment of it.