Are you ready to ramble? Good, cause that's what's about to happen.

Today's lunchdoodle is kind of an unrelated by-product of a convo I had with my sister last night. You see, when I first moved to Nashville six years ago, I didn't know anyone. Nobody. I had one friend who, as a coworker on a small team, was kind of a default thing. And she was out of town. And this was a time when I had confidence IN SPADES. I was brimming with it. So I went out to a stand up comedy show. By myself. And sat in the front row. By myself. At a table for 4, BY MYSELF. Which proved to be golden standup material.

The opening act pointed me out in front of the whole, packed, house and asked why I was alone. Wasn't I good enough to have a boyfriend? Or regular friends? What was I, a loser or something? I explained I had only been in town for two weeks and didn't know anyone. His response, in front of everyone:

You have serious balls. I couldn't even do that.

That's right. Balls. Testicles. Cojones. I had em. Not really cause I'm a girl, but you get the idea.

The problem is, somewhere along the way, I lost those "balls." My confidence has taken several hits and I've become far too comfortable with my inner homebody. From online dating, friends moving, a boy here or there, chasing cars I'll never catch, "saving money," whatever the reasons have been, I've essentially gradually self-neutered myself. And dammit. I WANT MY HYPOTHETICAL BALLS BACK.

So that's what I'm setting out to do. Hopefully I'll meet some new people, make some new stories, or at least try some new things. And possibly create some more totally unrelated but by a thread-themed-lunchdoodles.


The drawing above has completely filled my lunchdoodle notebook!! Tomorrow I buy a new one. A new sketchbook. New lunchdoodles. New stories. And (re)New(ed) confidence(s).