Today. Is awesome. 

• I am officially down 20lb. since December! Down 7 this month as I had put on a couple extra on my sabbatical. And while that's not a whole lot considering it's been, what, 9 months? Those months have included a trip to San Francisco, Philadelphia, a 5 week sabbatical, a month (or so) of emotional eating, and limited mobility due to a broken foot. There has been no shortage of pizza, poutine, delicious beverages, baked goods, Dunkin Donuts, and fried deliciousness in my life this summer.  So I'd say all in all, this is an achievement, a momentum I hope to carry out the rest of the year. Aaaaand I maybe did a happy dance this morning. 

• I went solo to a standup comedy show last night (free!) and hope to go to another one tonight. I even met some people and learned names and had conversations. It seems like a good group of people. Oh and I laughed A BUNCH.

• Franz Ferdinand's new album is out. FF reminds me of everything great about college. Summer of 2004, before my senior year, was a summer of amazing memories and amazing music. Franz Ferdinand was (and still is) one of my favorites in the mix. If that doesn't make for a good Tuesday, well then we just have to agree to disagree. 

 • I have a(n almost) daily comic called Pretty Little Heart. It's getting some great feedback for only being a week or so old. I have to get better at time management though. Getting a drawn/inked/scanned/colored comic up everyday is nothing short of difficult, but I'll get the hang of it. I've certainly got enough ideas worked up!

 • I'm giving blood tonight! Just savin' some live on a Tuesday. NBD.