Valentine's Day is almost here and these guys are ready to party. If you love dinosaurs as much as I do, or if your kids do, then print yourself a few of these lil' guys and have yourself a crayon party! The file includes a 3 page PDF with six valentines in all!  Buy and Download them today!

Looking for last week's free printable? You can find it HERE

Custom Coloring Books and Pages

I want to draw for you! Have you been on the hunt for the perfect coloring product? Perhaps you'd like a coloring book to promote your business, cause or vision. Regardless of your coloring needs, I can doodle them to life! 

Coloring books are all the rage right now, and for good reason. In addition to the obvious benefits of adult coloring, custom coloring products can be used for so many purposes. Your custom illustrations are delivered as digital files which means you can use them on screen or in printed projects. Printed coloring books or pages can create a great opportunity to promote your business, can be used as merchandise or in conjunction with branded products, can make great educational tools in the classroom, or can be used as an interactive storytelling device for your nonprofit's cause. Oh, and they make great gifts too!

Line Quality and Style:

I work in a variety of line styles. I can do anything from clean vector line work to brushy, inky lines. I work in digital, pen and nib, brush and marker. The samples below are both from client work and my sketchbooks.
**Please do not print or reproduce any samples you see on this page. Much of this work was done for clients and not for personal use.

Recent Projects:

The projects below are recent examples of coloring products I've created for clients. These pieces are NOT for print or reproduction, but are for sample purposes only. 

Request a Quote or More Information:

If you like what you see and want to work together, let me know! I'm always looking for something fun to draw. Please fill out the form and I can get back to you with more information and a custom quote. 

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This helps me better determine usage and pricing. Illustrations that will be mass produced, resold and may someday show up on the shelves of Barnes & Noble will be priced differently than, say, a gift for a spouse or an educational product used in a classroom setting.
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Do you have more details to share? A non-budge-able budget? Examples of what you like or don't like? The more information, the merrier.
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