I love my day job.

While I don't offer email design services outside of Emma, I wanted to post a few of the email templates I've worked on. Granted, I have literally thousands over the years I could show here, I want to focus on a few of my favorite clients. One of the things that brings me the most joy and satisfaction in my job is working with clients. I love not only hearing what they say they want, but also deciphering what it is they really need. How to help them get the most out of every email. Whether it's helping them figure out the best content strategy or designing a template that is attention-getting across all devices. And bonus points every time I increase open or click-through rates. I can get far too excited about the metrics. 

I get to know every client by name and what their company stands for. There's something so gratifying about taking a company with a strong brand, a great mission and a passion for what they do, and giving them a way to share that in every inbox. Every brand is unique as is every email design that comes out of Emma's offices. If you're interested in email marketing services or email design, you should check Emma out! It's a solid company with some of the best employees you'll ever have the chance to work with.

Every email design I work on at Emma is designed and coded by me. 


i.e. the fun stuff!

At Emma we have a lot of clients that may not want custom design services. Or they may have a mailing that is specific to an event or holiday or they may just need a simple template they can be customized to a one-off mailing. Designing templates for the Emma galleries are the absolute funnest designs we get to work on. Here are a few below, but you can learn more about Emma's templates here